Summertime Break Out

Well.  It is summer.  So I have taken the usual precautionary measures. Windows shut, blinds tight, air conditioner set, fans on- ready to be rotated to their various locations. I think I have everything in place.  Ah… the joys of summer in Texas.  I honestly can say I do not enjoy this. I feel trapped inside a box missing the cool air and being outside….. Sigh.

Our spiritual lives can sometimes turn this way.   We can close ourselves off because of hurts and disappointments.  Life is difficult.  It is easy to shut ourselves from others. We try to reach out to people. But sometimes we get let down so the blinds get drawn and no light comes in.

But Jesus has not called us to this kind of life.  He wants us to live outside the box! I think there is a new call to believers in Christ to come outside- regardless of the temperature or weather. We are needed in these days.  We have been hiding our light for too long.  The world has been in charge long enough. It is time for the faithful, who ARE called to come forward. We need to be the light, the voice, the example of Jesus.

We have all been given a measure of faith. Let us use it and no longer live in the box or stay in that boat.  Peter was bold enough when Jesus called him to walk on the water, he did.  We can do the same!  God has placed inside of  you a way to reach others- you have a unique message to share.  It is message from Him that only YOU have.

 It is time to share it.

Be Bold. Be Brave.

It is time for a Summer Break Out!


And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.   Matthew 14:29



4 thoughts on “Summertime Break Out

  1. I’m breaking out!! Excellent word…Lord give me the boldness of Your spirit to go where You need me, to speak what You desire to whom needs to hear your message of freedom and life! Thank you Lord for this dear servant who brings forth Your word of truth in a much needed season! Bless her Lord!

  2. “We can close ourselves off because of hurts and disappointments.” This is exactly what the enemy would want us to do! Even when that hurt or disappointment is our fault, our first reaction is to want to beat-up on ourselves, to hide from whomever we may have disappointed. April, your encouraging word is very timely for me personally. I can hear the LORD now saying, “Fred, you stumbled, but you’re alright. Get up now, brush yourself off, and continue on. But make sure that you have learned something from this – what made you stumble in the first place and the hurt that you caused.” May the LORD continue to use you, His faithful servant.

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