Pinning or Pining

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Okay, I know, I’m going to get into a lot of trouble for this…

But since I write about things that I deal with here goes! (I’m prepared to duck, by the way!)   This is something the Lord has recently reminded me: The Eye Gate and Achan.

Do you remember the story in the book of Joshua about Achan?  The Lord had given specific instructions considering Jericho including what to do afterwards; they were not to take any spoils of war.  When the Israelites went into the next battle, they suffered a great loss which should have been an easy victory.  Joshua rent his clothes and inquired of the Lord to find out happened. God revealed the problem and what needed to be done to make things right.  Achan had seen things that were quite nice in Jericho and helped himself to those choice items. He hid them in his tent, his delightful possessions. When Joshua found out what Achan had hidden away, he ordered Achan and his whole family to die, according to God’s instructions.  Achan died because he saw.

Now this story has many messages but the one that means so much to me is Achan’s problem was what he saw. His sin came through the Eye Gate; what he saw, he had to have.  He coveted so much it cost him his own life and his family. Today, when we walk by what we see, we can be led into areas of sin and away from God.  We start to lust after the things of the world. We begin to compare ourselves with others, wanting to have what they have. Soon we are discontent with our lives and what God has given us, maybe even desiring to exchange lives with someone else. We may take measures to have those things. Sometimes we do whatever it is to have them! This may cause terrific devastation in our lives and those we love.

Throughout the bible we are admonished to hear the Lord. It is by hearing our faith grows- not when we walk by sight. Our vision should be steadfast on the Lord, not looking to the things of this world and its possessions.  This life is temporary but eternity is forever. What awaits us is far better than anything we can be Pinning or Pining for.

Refuse to be Achan!

 For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world.   1 John 2:16




4 thoughts on “Pinning or Pining

  1. Oh yes, seeing things can so often make us want them, crave them in a way that is totally inappropriate – that’s why I’ve taught myself to sometimes walk out of a shop and stand outside to think if I really need whatever it was that I saw in there. It is a constant battle. The world of advertising and marketing is based on showing us things, dangling them in front of our eyes in an enticing manner, making us drool for things that we don’t really need, some of which are actually bad for us. Achan is just one example of what can happen when we allow ourselves to be ruled by these desires, instead of fighting against temptation.

    • Oh stepping out out of a place is a real great idea! I got so “busted” last week by this when I went to a drugstore for vitamins. I saw nail polish that I thought I do needed.. Well it was horrible! I felt so greedy and dumb for giving in. It just best to not even be in the place!

      Thank you for your good words! 🙂

      • I know that feeling all too well. (There’s someone who’d love us to stay with that feeling.) And yes, it would be a lot easier if we could avoid being in places where temptation lurks – but it’s everywhere, so we just have to keep turning to God for help in fighting it.

        I thought of your post again just now as I was reading in the first letter of John – chapter 2 verse 16 talks about “the lust of the eyes” (at least that’s how the NASB translates it).

        I’ve really enjoyed discovering your blog, it feels like an oasis.

      • Oh yes, that is right ! I have to stay behind His shield and under His wing. And when I fail He gives mercy anew!

        Thank you for your kind words! I feel the same about your blog too! Such wisdom!

        Blessings to you!

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